James Reid and Nadine Lustre’s phenomenal loveteam started out when they worked together in the hit movie “Diary ng Panget” wherein their strong on-screen chemistry was first seen.

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After that, the two of them starred in several more films and television shows, therefore drawing them closer as best friends.

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In 2016, James and Nadine finally made their relationship official, and now they are already on their 3rd year to forever as Team Real!

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Indeed, time has flown by so quickly while the Multimedia Couple become more and more in love with each other everyday. They support each other’s solo career, making them grow as a couple and as individuals.

There is no denying that James and Nadine’s relationship is #GOALS! Despite working on their respective projects, the two of them never fail to give all the kilig feels, whether onstage, on-screen, or behind-the scenes.

Just take a look at this video wherein the Multimedia Couple were holding hands while performing, therefore gaining loud cheers of excitement and kilig from the crowd!



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