Multimedia love-team Nadine Lustre and James Reid bring more than just kilig. These two have the face, talent, and aura as total performers.


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Whether they’re bringing the heat on stage with their couple performances or proving haters wrong with their solo numbers, Nadine and James always give their all!




Though the two have recently called it quits, we can’t deny the fact that no other love team has the swag, style, and chemistry that JaDine has on stage.




Since we all miss them together on stage, here are some of JaDine’s best performances on ASAP that have trended and that we still come back to for our daily dose of kilig!



Here is JaDine’s performing the ultimate summer theme song!


Here’s JaDine bringing the heat on the ASAP stage with their performance of original song ‘IL2LU”




Nadine and James both look gorgeous as they perform their version of the song “Prom” which was the OST of their movie “Never Not Love You”.



Yes JaDine, we will never go! Here’s JaDine serving major kilig vibes with their unbeatable chemistry!




Hello OTWOListas! Here’s JaDine dancing to “On The Wings Of Love”.



Kahit magpanggap, we can’t help but ship these two dahil sila talaga ang ating hanap hanap!



Prepare to have major LSS as JaDine performs their hit song “Bahala Na”.



Even when they’re performing their own songs, JaDine prove that they are one of a kind entertainers! Here’s Nadine performing “Me and You” and James with “Randomantic”


What is your favorite JaDine ASAP performance? Comment down below!

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