Issa Pressman opens up about current relationship


Issa Pressman finally opened up about her current relationsip with the Party MC, Marga Bermudez.

The two have not kept the relationship secret as seen in their social media posts. However, they have remained low-key and this is the first time that they got interviewed together.

This was for a project that they did for a huge brand who featured all kinds of love. They used the hashtag #FreeToLove for this campaign.

Through the interview with StarsPhotog, the couple shared how thankful they are for the huge brand that took the initiative into touching this sensitive topic.

(c) YouTube/StarsPhotog Vidz

The two were also asked about how they came out to their family knowing that the Philippines is a conservative country.

Issa shared first that she had no problem with her parents and neither with her sister, Yassi.

(c) YouTube/StarsPhotog Vidz

“They accepted me. They knew that I loved girls and men before but they never questioned my choices. As long as I’m happy, they respected that.”

Marga on the other hand, shared that she had a hard time confessing to her parents.

She said, “It was not easy but eventually they warmed up to it and realized that wala naman ako ginagawang masama.”

(c) YouTube/StarsPhotog Vidz

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