Nadine Lustre is one of the most sought-after Filipina actresses of this generation, which explains why she has been very busy juggling one showbiz commitment after the other.

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The Multimedia Princess has been taping for her upcoming movie entitled “Ulan,” which is nearing the end of filming. She also has another dance musical film entitled “Indak,” directed by director Paul Basinillo.

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Nadine is working with close friend Sam Concepcion in the “Step Up” and “La La Land” inspired movie, and it is their first big project together, so watch out for that!

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The two stars will be doing a lot of competitive level dance routines in “Indak,” which is why they requested for training before taping for the scenes that involve dancing.

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The Multimedia Princess has been focused on dancing lately as she was also chosen as one of the judges of a dance competition grand finals. Nadine definitely slayed her denim ensemble, and here are some photos from the event!

Looking ever so stunning!

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Nadine on stage with the host.

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The Multimedia Princess posing with the other judges.

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There is no denying that Nadine has been working very hard, which is why she continues to succeed in her career!


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