Halloween just passed by again and that means lots of Halloween photos everywhere on social media!


(c) @praybeytbenjamin

It only happens once a year that’s why many wouldn’t let it pass without posting scary pictures or getting into costumes of their favorite TV or movie characters.

(c) __sephiee

Celebrities, of course, took the chance to be fab and dress up for the occasion. Just look at these Viva artists with their own gimmicks for Halloween!

Kat Gumabao as a very cute purple unicorn

(c) vivaartistsagency

Ryza Cenon in Netflix’s ‘Money Heist’ costume

(c) @iamryzacenon

Ella Cruz and Julian Trono as ‘Joker’ and ‘Harley Quinn’ of DC Comics

(c) @ellacruz

Billy Crawford with Coleen Garcia as the ‘Batman’ and ‘Robin’ duo

(c) @coleen

Sarah Lahbati looking fierce in Maleficent outfit

(c) @sarahlahbati

Yassi Pressman as a shimmering pink unicorn

(c) @vivaartistsagency

Bella Padilla pulling off some magic

(c) @vivaartistsagency

James Reid with skull face paint and Nadine Lustre as ‘HIM’ from ‘Powerpuff Girls’

(c) randellgiel

Anne Curtis as ‘Harley Quinn’ for ‘It’s Showtime’ Halloween episode

(c) @annecurtissmith

Vice Ganda as the ‘Queen of Wakanda’ in ‘Black Panther’

(c) @praybeytbenjamin

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