If there’s one person in the Happy Islanders family that has such sunshine for personality, it’s Andi Eigenmann’s 1-year-old toddler Lilo Eigenmann Alipayo. Just yesterday, the toddler unleashed a ‘kulit’ side of her all day that Andi and fiance Philmar shared on Instagram stories.


First, she started the day checking out her baby brother, Koa. A little pat on his head before starting out the day.


It looks like Lilo is taking her ‘Ate’ duties seriously as she literally puts on her grown-up slippers.

By evening, it looks like Lilo found someone to bug adorably—her Ate Ellie. And from the looks of it, Ellie is not amused.

Since the day Lilo started showing her personality, she has become the fam’s little bean of sunshine. Always moving, talking, curious, and interacts with everything that her eye sees or holds. Her bubbly personality even end up with her modeling for a known clothing brand!


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Never let anyone dim your sunny personality, Lilo!

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