After months and months of continuous hardwork, we do need some time to unwind and get some social media, and work detox.

Celebrities, especially work long hours, meet with fans, clients, and, a lot more. They also need to unwind like we all do. And in taking great travel photos, they sure are experts!

Next time you visit a place, take inspiration from them. Check these out:

Anne Curtis

Try a sexy pose and show a great background.



Kylie Versoza

Try the “looking back” pose whilst in the middle of a busy road



Yam Concepcion

Enjoy the environment and climate of the place you’re at.



Yassi Pressman

Take a great photo of your hotel room…including you of course!



Bela Padilla

Pose in front of a beautifully patterned background.



Nadine Lustre

Two words…look away



Andi Eigenmann

Do you love surfing? Don’t forget to take a photo while you’re riding the waves!



Coleen Garcia

Take a romantic picture with your beau.


Do you have similar photos? Share them in the comments below!



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