Multimedia Princess Nadine Lustre is Grandslam Best Actress, a total performer, a chart-topping and bankable artist, a make-up entrepreneur, a fashion and beauty peg, a top brand endorser, and a music video director.

Instagram / paulnebresNadine is known to be a fierce modern Filipina, who is true to herself and is not afraid to show the world her long list of talents and fearless perspectives!

Instagram / nadine

She is the most awarded actress of her generation and is the youngest person to ever win FAMAS, URIAN, and YCC in just one year!

Instagram / nadine

Nadine’s stunning Filipina features, confident aura, and authentic personality makes her a total inspiration and girl crush!


No wonder Nadine Lustre is the ultimate cover girl! A lady who’s not only stunning, but also supports important causes such as the importance of mental health and taking care of the environment!

Instagram/ nadine

There is truly no one as fierce and fabulous as our Lady Luster!


This multi-hyphenate is known to slay in anything she does! One of these is her ability to be a star in front of the camera, working her angles and talking to the camera through her expressive eyes!

Need a help on how to pose for your next Instagram worthy post? Check out Nadine Lustre’s fiercest photoshoots down below:

How to Fiercely pose the NADINE LUSTRE Way!

How to Fiercely pose the NADINE LUSTRE Way!

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