Indeed, Christmas is just around the corner and there are only a few days left in the countdown before the most beautiful time of the year! This only means that people all over the globe are feeling the festive cheers.

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However, the merry spirit is not for everyone as some people are experiencing the holiday blues, and it’s definitely not that easy to get out of those gloomy feels.

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In an interview with Beauty Beat, Nadine Lustre shared a thing or two on how to potentially overcome the holiday blues.

“To be honest, loneliness is all in the mind. For me, there are so many reasons to be happy,” the Multimedia Princess stated.

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She then continued saying, “Let’s say for example, if you are abroad and away from your family- you can’t bury yourself in loneliness just because you see a lot of people with their families. [Be positive] and use this opportunity to talk to them via video call. There are a lot of things to be thankful about, so just focus on the things that you have now.”

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Those were very positive and encouraging words from Nadine, which you should definitely take into consideration if you’re feeling a bit down and lonely this holiday season!


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