Mention Gardo Versoza in a conversation, one would automatically think about the dozen movies and TV series the actor starred in or was part of. But today the actor is making noise on social media platform, Tiktok, for his viral dancing videos.

The best part? Gardo enjoys dancing and does so wearing high heels!

The star dances to the platform’s current trends and often post it on his official Instagram page. Even his wife, Ivy Vecencio, is into the fun as she has her own Tiktok account posting her own, Gardo’s, and their own dance escapades.


Recently he shared a video with co-Viva star Ella Cruz dancing to Ariana Grande’s ’34 + 35′ and ‘Shower’ by Becky G.

Of course, Gardo won’t miss the chance to do one without his iconic red high heels.

The actor also has a Youtube channel where he shares snippets of his real-life outside of his onscreen one. He does live streams as well!

Gardo’s fans, whom he adorably calls ‘cupcakes’ support this surprising side of the actor. Netizens are even thanking him for easing their tension and lighting their mood, especially with today’s current situation.

Catch Gardo Versoza in Ghost Adventures every Saturday at TV5.

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