Multimedia Couple James Reid and Nadine Lustre will be celebrating their third anniversary since they became official in less than a month!

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How time flies so fast, right? It seems that it was just yesterday when James said “I love you” to Nadine in front of thousands in Araneta.


Fans have witnessed their journey both as a love team and as a couple, and they couldn’t be happier to see their idols happy with their personal lives and successful in their respective careers.

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Nadine is busy with her makeup collection and fragrance line. She will also be starring in two movies called “Ulan” and “Indak” this 2019.

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James, on the other hand, will be shooting soon for “Pedro Penduko” after undergoing a very intense training. It was recently announced that he will have a concert in Araneta Coliseum with Billy Crawford and Sam Concepcion on April 5.

Aside from their breakthrough project “Diary ng Panget” in 2014, another show that positioned them as one of the biggest love teams in the country is “On the Wings of Love.”

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It became phenomenal not only in the Philippines but also around the world. Another huge bonus that they got in this project was how their love for each other blossomed from being best friends to lovers.

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One of the witnesses and the first one to know about JaDine’s relationship is her OTWOL co-star Bianca Manalo who portrayed Manang Tiffany, Leah’s older sister.

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In one of Nadine’s recent Instagram post, Bianca left the comment, “Jadine Fan,” in which Nadine replied, “THE WITNESS.”

During one of Bianca’s interviews in 2016, she recalled Nadine telling her about their relationship, which was still a secret back then, at the set of OTWOL. Watch Bianca’s “kilig” revelations here!

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