Asia’s Popstar Royalty, Sarah Geronimo, has released quite a number of songs suitable for every mood any popster or otherwise is feeling. So, whether you’re feeling up or down, turn it around for the better by listening to these Sarah G hits.

When You’re Feeling Confident

With an upbeat tune and empowerment lyrics, ‘Tayo’ calls on everyone to stand up strong and confident even in the midst of heartbreaks. Heartbroken or not, you’ll feel every inch of confidence while this is on play.

When You’re Feeling Out of the World

Feeling disconnected from the world? A listen to the upbeat tune of ‘Ikot-Ikot Lang’ will bring you back. Be ready though as connecting back means you’re to face what you left. Yikes.

When You’re Feeling Discouraged

‘Dulo’ talks about Sarah G’s humbling path to stardom. So if you’re feeling tired or down with everything happening around you, a listen to this can revive that strong fire inside waiting to be flickered.

When You Don’t Want to Exercise

Take the much-needed push to sweat off those extra pounds with ‘Kilometro’. Don’t worry, the song has relaxed parts to take quick rests and breaths. Also, don’t miss the opportunity to give it all on the song’s buildup to the chorus.

When You’re Feeling Excited

If the thrilled feeling is just at the tip of your fingers, matched it with Sarah G’s most beloved song ‘Tala’. With the energy you have, Expect to dance Tala as well!

When You Want to Feel Kilig

Slow and sweet, feel the highs of love with Sarah G’s ‘Duyan’.

When You Want to Feel Your Feels – Sino Nga Ba Siya

You want to be melodramatic while it rains outside and you’re in the window seat of a bus? Feel the sadness and heartbreak in the song ‘Sino Nga Ba Siya’. But not too much alright?

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