James Reid is undeniably one of the biggest and brightest Filipino stars of this generation, and he continues to thrive as a multi-talented artist in the Philippine entertainment industry!

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The Multimedia Prince has been very busy juggling one showbiz commitment after the other lately, starting off with the preparations for his upcoming movie role, Pedro Penduko.

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James’ intense training requires a lot of discipline and physical strength as he is learning Parkour and Bo Staff. He is also weight training to tone his muscles for him to portray his superhero role in the best way that he could.

Aside from starring in films, the Multimedia Prince has also been focused on his music career. He creates songs during his free time, and all of his hard work pays off as he gets to perform his music in front of various crowds.

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In fact, James recently had a show in Bacolod City for his ‘Right There’ Tour, and here are some of his dashing photos from the event, which will surely make you fall in love with him even more!

Here’s the Multimedia Prince looking ever so handsome while arriving at the venue.

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How can you not love him, right?

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Look at that adorable smile!

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Another one to make the girls swoon!

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James serenading the crowd.

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The Multimedia Prince giving some all-out dance moves.

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James seems to have really enjoyed doing the show in Bacolod!

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