Sarah Geronimo has definitely come a long way in her career, and she continues to serve as an inspiration to her millions of fans!

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The Popstar Royalty may have already gained phenomenal fame and success, but that doesn’t stop her from pursuing more dreams and aspirations in various fields in showbiz.

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As an actress, Sarah continues to take on different roles that challenge her talent and versatility in acting. In fact, she is working on yet another must-watch film entitled “Unforgettable,” directed by “Die Beautiful” director Jun Robles Lana.

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As a singer/performer, on the other hand, the Popstar Royalty has been dominating the local and international concert stage by giving her fans an exceptional show of world-class caliber.

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Indeed, Sarah has been very busy so far this year, and her schedule can be very exhausting. However, she regains energy from the people who genuinely support her, and of course, her special love.

The Popstar Royalty is absolutely in love with her pet dogs, and here is an exclusive video of her super sweet moments with her special love!

Sarah Geronimo and her special love!!! [EXCLUSIVE!!!]

This is too cute!

Posted by on Tuesday, July 2, 2019

How adorable was that?!


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