Anne Curtis has been very busy for the past weeks. For 10 days, she was in Canada for her AnneKulit: Promise Last Na ‘To concert tour.


After she got back, Anne have to fly to Australia to take care of her mother who just got out of an operation. In an Instagram post, Anne shared how she surprised her mommy.

According to Anne, she will go back in hosting It’s Showtime on Saturday, March 30.

Her husband, vlogger and restaurateur Erwan Heussaff, on the other hand may have been missing her a lot after being away for almost a month now.


Through his Instagram account, Erwan expressed how much he loves and misses his wife.

He wrote, “Excited to see this lady today. We haven’t seen each other in 23 days! I always get messages about why we’re not constantly together. It’s because Rule #78 of the #bulliedhusbandsclub handbooks states that serious couples need to be able to support each other regardless of distance and schedules. Both people in a relationship need to be able to grow and pursue their careers, all while being each other’s cheerleaders. I’ve seen way too many toxic relationships where people end up blaming the other party for missed opportunities.

“Macho men, your wife deserves to chase their dreams as much as you do. Ladies, vice versa. Just make time and be present, whenever you can.

|”ood analogy: be like basmati rice grains, fluffy and free. Dont be a Suman.


So cute!

Meanwhile, catch Anne every weekday on the Kapamilya noon time show, It’s Showtime!





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