Throughout her 16 years in the entertainment industry, Sarah Geronimo has gained a lot of friends that genuinely love and support her no matter what.

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One of those people is the Asia’s Songbird Regine Velasquez who has wintessed Sarah thrive from being a young dreamer to becoming the Popstar Royalty of Philippine showbiz.

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Regine was the host of the singing competition called “Star for a Night” wherein Sarah G was hailed as the grand champion.

Ever since then, the two stars have been bonded by their passion for music and strong friendship, to the point where the Asia’s Songbird considers Sarah as like her own daughter.

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Last Sunday, the two of them were reunited on the ASAP stage for yet another powerful performance, and Regine couldn’t help but get emotional aS she introduced the Popstar Royalty onstage.

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The Asia’s Songbird was holding back her tears throughout their song number, and it was just a heartfelt moment between the two stars.

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You can watch Sarah and Regine’s emotional performance here!


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