Ella Cruz Receives Gold Play Button


Ella Cruz is known for her many roles in films and television shows, but this girl also dabbles in vlogging and occasionally, game streaming. I think that’s where her charisma comes from – people love her authenticity in just enjoying everything she does.

Recently, she reached ONE MILLION SUBSCRIBERS on her Youtube Channel.

She took to social media to share her news and even did an unboxing of the Gold Play Button plaque. To mark the occasion, she did a giveaway on her vlog – both to show gratitude to her fans and followers for continuous support and to share the blessings she has received.

Earlier this year, she released a dance-pop track called “LaLaLa” which we guarantee will make you want to join in the #LaLaLaDanceChallenge on Tiktok. Ella is known to share her amazing dance prowess through her Tiktok account. You can see more of her Tiktok dances here: @queenellacruz

However, the social media scene for this millennial queen has not been smooth sailing. Last August, just in time for her birthday, Ella’s Facebook page with millions of followers was hacked. She was able to recover it shortly after, but all her posts were deleted. But the millennial queen has recovering well from this hiccup – now even celebrating a new feat.

You can watch Ella’s gold play button unboxing video below:

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