Ella Cruz is a versatile actress and a known dancer in the industry. Thanks to the influence of Korean Pop or Kpop, she had always made time to do dance covers or share her love for this genre, especially to her favorite artists like Blackpink—she’s a super fan of. Here are other moments, shared on her social media platforms, that prove Ella is a super fan!

1. She lined up to meet Blackpink! 

Back in 2017, Ella flew to Korea for a Blackpink fan meet! It may be quite short but she got to meet them face-to-face and had a handshake!

2. She often do dance covers of Kpop girl groups

In this video, she danced ‘Monster’ by Red Velvet’s Seulgi and Irene.

3. She often posts about her love for Kpop on Instagram

In one of her recent posts on Instagram, Ella shared Kpop gave color to her life and inspired her from her fashion, dance, and music.

“I really love kpop, I can’t explain why pero KPOP ang isa sa mga nagbigay kulay sa buhay ko. From fashion, dance, music, and of course the idols,” Ella wrote.


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4. Ella got to perform in front of Blackpink!

Ella considers herself as a super fan of the group, so imagine her glee and excitement when she got to perform and impress Blackpink themselves in this dance competition!


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5. She shares her love for Kpop in public!

Back in 2019, Ella did a popular Youtube trend—dancing kpop in public. Along with her sister and other friends, Ella danced to Twice’s ‘Fancy’ during the group’s ticket pre-selling for their concert.

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