Donnalyn Bartolome’s Quarantine Heartbreak


While everyone knows that November 1 in the Philippines is known as “Araw ng Patay”,  Donnalyn Bartolome put a humorous twist on the occasion by making a vlog about a past love. She called it “Unboxing: Araw ng patay kong puso special”.

The teary-eyed Kakaibabe Singer started the video explaining that her ex returned her stuff to her awhile back, and she has successfully been avoiding having to deal with it for some time. While she has been very private about her relationship of six years, it came to an end a few months ago, during this community quarantine.

While in the middle of unboxing, Donna revealed that she hasn’t even gathered the stuff her ex has at her place. She said, “I feel like I’m not ready.”

Without mentioning names or too many details about the relationship, Donna – for the first time in her vlogs – mentioned that her relationship with her ex, who she called Dex (Donna’s Ex) in the video, was on-again, off-again for a couple of years.

The singer ended the video by biting into a cake shaped into a broken heart, saying, “Para sa mga broken-hearted diyan, hindi kayo nag-iisa. Nandito lang ako. Kumakain ng cake para sa inyo.”

You can watch the full vlog below:

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