Millennial multi-hyphenate Nadine Lustre is definitely one of the most sought artists of her generation.


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Our birthday girl has already achieved a lot at the age of 25 from blockbuster movies, phenomenal teleseryes, chart-topping singles, countless endorsements, sold-out shows and concerts, business collaborations, and many more.

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But success didn’t come in an instant for the Multimedia Princess. She lined up for so many auditions and been rejected in several of them.

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In an interview before, Nadine revealed that she got to the point where she used all kinds of whitening products, thinking that those with ‘mestiza’ skin often get accepted in projects.

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A more empowered and confident Nadine stands before us now. She has learned to accept her flaws and love her own skin. She doesn’t care what other people will say as long as she’s being true to herself.

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That’s why it’s no surprising anymore if she’s one of the most in-demand stars today. She has already appeared in dozens of magazine covers because she always has something new inside her pocket. People are interested on whatever it is she wants to explore or do.

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And every time she graces the cover of these magazines, be prepared because she’s going to slay it.

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Just look at some of Nadine’s magazine covers through the years!

Candy (December 2014 – January 2015)

Cosmopolitan (February 2015)

Chalk (May 2015)


Sense & Style (May 2015)

Meg (May 2015)

Preview (December 2015 – January 2016)

Cosmopolitan (January 2016)

Metro (March 2016)

Cosmopolitan (September 2016)

Mega (September 2016)

Scout (January – February 2017)

Mega (May 2017)

Metro (October 2017)

Metro (April 2018)

Mega (April 2018)

Preview (April 2018)

Cosmopolitan (April 2018)

Garage (April – May 2018)

What’s you favorite? Hard, right?

Meanwhile, Nadine is currently busy shooting her upcoming movie ‘Ulan’ together with three leading men Carlo Aquino, Marco Gumabao, and AJ Muhlach. It is written and directed by Irene Villamor.

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