Sarah Lahbati jumped the ‘New Year, New Me’ and went for a new hairstyle as well. This time around she opted for the much talked-about boyfriend bob haircut and it suits her so well!

“new year, new cut. shortest i’ve gone ever since high school. 😄” Sarah wrote in her Instagram post.


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Sarah posed with her new look wearing a casual white shirt and blue jeans, she also wore black sunglasses completing the look.

The boyfriend bob haircut is a square-ish haircut that is much-much shorter than usual. It can be traced back to the 90s look that Nick Carter, Leonardo Dicarpio, or any other boybands we loved in that era.

Don’t worry Sarah, your celeb friends are loving it!

Viva Artists Coleen Garcia and Bela Padilla, who are two of Sarah’s closest friends, stans the bob.

Here are other artists and personalities who are inlove with the star’s shortest hair yet.

These are just few, even fans and followers of the star are into the hair transformation.

We can’t wait to see Sarah in her OOTD with this hairstyle!

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