Bela Padilla, Busy and #Blessed


Bela Padilla is one of the multi-hyphenate artists of this generation, being known as a talented actress, singer, writer – is there anything she can’t do?

And while we know she’s been exerting great effort into helping out with this pandemic (See:, people must also be wondering how else she’s been keeping herself busy, especially in these trying times.

  1. Like a lot of us, our homes have become a place of refuge during this quarantine. This is why it was important for Bela to make her place as homey as possible. Recently, she had it transformed in only a span of three days! Watch the amazing transformation video below:
  2. 2. One thing we love about Bela is how relatable she is – and you can see it in her twitter feed as she constantly fangirls over Harry Styles. She even made a cover of his hit song, Sign of the Times.

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    harry styles

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    3. And while the world is slowly re-opening to travelers, Bela is living the dream for us, by getting to see beautiful places as she travels to Cappadocia (responsibly, of course.) We wonder what project this one is for? Follow her journey through her Instagram, @bela.

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    I waited till my swab test result came back negative before posting anything. And I didn’t think I’d leave the country at all this year, but life really has to start moving again. As seen in this photo, my head is still up in the clouds in Cappadocia. I’m really super thankful that my job takes me to places I’ve never been before or never thought I’d go to…because honestly, I’m not one to go to touristy places, so Cappadocia was low on my list of places to visit. But now, I consider it one of my safe havens. Cappadocia is so beautiful and charming. They have great food and wine and even better people. I luckily got to meet some of the best ones! Their street animals are kind and calm, a great testament to how theyre treated. And the view is just beautiful from any point. (My peripherals haven’t been as blessed as they have in the last two weeks.) I love everything about this trip so so much. So I’ll slowly share what I went through in Cappadocia. ❤️ 📸 by @nocir 🥰

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