The happy islander family of Andi Eigenmann is now back in Manila! Far from the beaches and the salty air of the province, the actress gave us a peek of her normal life in the city with her two beautiful daughters Ellie and Lilo.


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Andi opened her door once again to the netizens. This time, she welcomed us in her home in the city. In her latest YouTube video, she revealed her daily routine. Here is a list of what how her day usually goes:

  1. Prepare a healthy breakfast

After doing their morning routine, the trio proceeded to prepare their breakfast. Andi also shared her healthy pancake recipe.

While Ellie was having her online classes

2. Do chores like a girl boss

While Ellie was having her online classes, Andi opts to put Lilo to sleep. She then finds this vacant time useful to accomplish all her household chores such as washing the dishes and arranging the laundry.

3. Workout with the preggy mommy

Andi always makes sure that she allots time to strengthen her body for her pregnancy by doing her pre-natal cardio workout. Also spot Ellie and Lilo’s cute antics while she is grinding it in her exercise.

On to her second pregnancy with surfer Philmar Alipayo, Andi also proudly unveiled her 15-weeks baby bump.

4. Cook dinner

As we can see in her vlogs, the Filipina actress is a hands-on mommy. For their dinner, she served a special tofu nuggets for her two girls. It also served as a bonding time for them as Ellie assisted her while preparing the dish!

5. Night care routine

The day will not end without Andi taking care of her and her daughters’ precious skin.




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