Matteo Guidicelli and Sarah Geronimo’s 1st wedding anniversary is more than a special time for the two. As their fans celebrated with them, the two shared both professional and personal endeavors they did together. This can also serve as your quick rundown on things that happened on their special day!

1. New endorsement

On the day of their anniversary, Matteo and Sarah premiered their newest endorsement for a known local cooking oil brand in the country. Featured in the video are their fur babies 04, Dakota, and Jack Theodore!

Best part? Matteo directed the commercial!

2. Matteo and Sarah in Palawan

Of course, the two would seize their day and time together with a well-deserved vacation. As shared by fans, the two were spotted in Coron, Palawan!

3. Matteo personally invites everyone to watch “TALA: The Film Concert”

Matteo also took the opportunity to invite fans and friends to watch the Popstar Royalty’s upcoming concert. According to him he personally witnessed Sarah G’s collaboration with the concert.


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4. Matteo’s anniversary post

Matteo capped their special day with a heartfelt appreciation post for his wife. In the post, Matteo thanked Sarah G for making him smile and inspiring him. Kilig!


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Bonus: “TALA: The Film Concert” VVIP sold out!

A day after the two celebrated their wedding anniversary, Viva Entertainment reported the VVIP tickets for the film concert were already sold out. Mere days after it was announced!


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What a 1st wedding anniversary blessings! Congratulations Matteo and Sarah G!

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