Back in July 2020, Matteo shared his sister’s, Giorgia, gender reveal party through a Youtube vlog. Matteo also took over kitchen duties and cook Pasta Vonggole, Steak, and Lobster. But one of the vlog’s highlights? Sarah G behind the camera!

Sarah G’s familiar voice can be heard throughout the vlog, her familiar laugh and wheeze!

Fans noted that for someone who is always in front of the camera, Asia’s Popstar Royalty can shoot properly!

The vlog showed Sarah focusing the camera properly on Matteo, capturing the dishes he’s working on and zooming in if necessary.

In speaking of cooking, the young couple is hands-on. As Matteo tasked himself with cooking, Sarah G prepared the gender reveal cupcakes.

As we all know, the vlog ended revealing Giorgia having a girl!

Watch the full vlog here:

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