It’s no surprise how much the Guidicelli household loves their pasta. Matteo himself has shared quite a number of pasta recipes last year. And it looks like we can look forward to more pasta dishes this year as Matteo shares their pasta night via Instagram stories.

This time the actor whipped up what he called Ricotta Spinach Pasta.


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From the clip Matteo highlights these ingredients: Fetuccine Pasta, Ricotta Cheese, Baby Tomatoes, Onions, and Pecorino Cheese. From the last clip, it looks like he used the tomatoes and onion for his own spinach sauce.

He then mixed the spinach, ricotta, and pasta together—voila Ricotta Spinach Pasta!

In the next clip, Matteo brings the finished product, now sprinkled with the Pecorino Cheese, two plates to be exact to the table. We guess it’s for his lovely wife, Sarah G.


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Matteo said in an interview before that they both tasked themselves in the kitchen, Sarahs’ for cooking Filipino dishes and baking while he is tasked with the Italian side of cooking.

We hope to get to see the recipe for this soon, Matteo!

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