Anne Curtis is starring in yet another upcoming movie this year entitled “Aurora,” and it happens to be a horror film directed by Filipino Hollywood filmmaker Yam Laranas.

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The story revolves around the repercussions after the passenger ship Aurora sunk near an island where Leana (Anne) lives. The rest of the people living in the island knows their doomed after the incident.

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Leana made a deal with the families of the missing passengers, and she, together with her 8-year-old sister Rita, choose to stay in the island and keep their hotel open in case any of the dead bodies will be washed ashore.

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“Aurora” is one of the entries in this year’s Metro Manila Film Festival (MMFF), so watch out for that! During the media conference of the film, Anne shared how she feels about being a part of MMFF 2018.

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“Actually ang saya ko po na makabalik po sa Metro Manila Film Festival. ‘Yung huling entry ko was I think back in 2008 or 9 (2009). Ganon na katagal…”

You can watch the video here for her full statement!

“Aurora” will be showing in cinemas on the 25th of December. In the meantime, you can watch the trailer here!


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