You may be feeling post-Christmas blues as the most beautiful time of the year is officially over, but do not fret because a new year filled with wonderful possibilities is fast approaching!

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Reminiscing on this year’s beautiful memories is a good way to spend the few days left of 2018, but an even better thing to do is making a bucket list to make the most out of the incoming year.

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A new year may be daunting, but look on the bright side and realize that it also means a clean slate to start afresh after the hardships and downfalls in 2018.

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Whether it be a goal that you want to achieve, a place you want to visit, or an adventure you want to experience, the possibilities are endless with your very own bucket list!

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How about hiking up a mountain? That’s probably one of the boxes to check off your bucket list, and Andi Eigenmann has a very exciting hiking adventure for you to try out!

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Andi hiked up Mt. Pinatubo, which still offers a breathtaking view even after the disaster that occurred in 1991.


You can watch the video here to see for yourself!

Stunning view from Mt. Pinatubo, aye? Talk about a good bucket list item for 2019!


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