Andi Eigenmann teaches her kids: “Money Does Not Buy Happiness”


Everyone is familiar with Andi Eigenmann’s story – she was an actress at the top of her game, who suddenly gave up her lavish city life to live in an island paradise with her beautiful children and the love of her life. So, if anyone can talk about not being materialistic, it’s her.

Andi clarifies however that “not being materialistic” does not mean not having things, but instead showing appreciating everything you have. This is a value she wants to instill in her children, Ellie and Lilo (Plus Baby# 3, on the way).

She shares, “it’s about raising them to learn how to be grateful and appreciative, and you know, to find happiness in experiences, in other people, and in themselves.”

In their recent Happy Islanders vlog, Andi shares some tips on how to raise non-materialistic children. Things she knows from experience.

She shared many interesting insights, but the first one, and we think, most important one, is “Lead by Example”. Here, Andi shares that she tries to have a better more holistic life so that she can influence her children to do the same.

Andi looks back on her glamorous days saying, “You know, in the past, I feel like I relied on material things – like retail therapy all the time to make myself feel better, or as a way to reward myself when I’ve had a busy work week. And eventually I just realized, this isn’t working. Like, in my opinion, money doesn’t buy happiness.”

She also gave credit to her partner Philmar Alipayo, who made her realize that it’s more important to live in the moment and build relationships, instead of striving for material things.

You can watch the insightful vlog below:

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