Actress Andi Eigenmann will soon be popping out her second child into the world. She will be having another baby girl and her 7-year old Ellie will soon be an ate.


In a recent interview with PEP, Andi shared how easier her pregnancy got that she got her partner, Philmar Alipayo by her side.

“It’s so much easier because I have Philmar who takes care of me,” she started.

“I don’t really expect anything from him, but sometimes, I notice these little things that I got to experience the first time by myself and realize that, ‘Oh, when it’s done pala with a partner, it feels so much better or it gets so much breezier.'”


Andi also shared how much she dreaded going to the hospital before. But now, everything is different to have someone to share those moments with.

“Before, I was dreading going to the hospital because I had to sit around and wait there for hours alone.

“This time, I didn’t need to do any of those by myself. So, automatically having someone to share that with meant a lot to me without me realizing, because it made the wait and the dreaded tests go by so smoothly.”


Are you excited to see Andi’s baby girl? Stay tuned in for updates!




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