Two months ago, Andi Eigenmann welcomed another daughter to the world named Keliana Alohi or Lilo for short. She has constantly updated us with what is happening and we can’t get enough of Lilo’s cuteness!


In Andi’s most recent update, Lilo showed off her precious smile for everyone to see.


In the caption, Andi wrote, “This photo goes straight to my Instagram! because even though the quality isn’t A+, their smiles definitely are!

“We wake up everyday at 6am, hours before Ellie has to get ready for school because we like to enjoy our mornings and take our time. However, laying in bed for a bit, as we hum to Lion King’s ‘The Lion Sleeps Tonight’, is not something we usually do. And it’s the simple moments like this one with my kids are the ones that make my heart sing!

“Happy to have taken a snap of this moment, and with our 8 week old Lilo smiling too!
Allowing their smiles to spread good vibrations to you all.”


Such a cutie!


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