Andi Eigenmann Lets Her Kids Draw On Walls


While the Happy Islanders have been forced to stay in the city at the moment, they have been keeping themselves busy with whatever fun activities are available at home. In a recent vlog, Andi Eigenmann shared her kids’ favorite toys to play with.

Here are a few of the Ellie and Lilo’s favorite toys:

Andi shares that her kids adore open simple, open-ended toys like the Pikler Triangle & Wall Climb and Slide and the Doona Liki Trike because the possibilities are endless for active children like Ellie and Lilo.

Ellie and Lilo enjoying the Pikler Triangle & Wall Climb and Slide Set
Ellie and Lilo enjoying the Pikler Triangle & Wall and Climb Set
Doona Liki Trike
Lilo riding the Doona Liki Trike

It’s also nice to see that the Happy Islander kids are growing up to have such a curious mind. Usually playing with educational toys such as wooden toys and puzzles that make them think.

Some wooden toys enjoyed by the Happy Islander kids

Andi also shares that Ellie has shown a love for reading – and that little Lilo is picking that up from her big sister as well (even if she cannot read the words yet). It has become a habit for the two to pick up a book every morning.

Take a peek at the books the Happy Islander Girls are reading. We spy some Feminist readings on the shelf.

Ellie and Lilo’s books

But we could say that the most interesting toy that the two enjoy are the Himi Silk Crayons. Since they can be easily erased, Andi lets Ellie and Lilo draw wherever they want – be it walls, rugs – you name it.

Ellie drawing on walls
Ellie drawing on walls
Wall art by the Happy Islanders
Lilo drawing on walls

What better toy to match the erasable markers, but this gift from their Nanay (Jaclyn Jose), a cleaning set that allows the kids clean and erase their drawings on their own.



Melissa and Doug Cleaning Set

If you want to see what else the Happy Islanders are up to, check out their latest vlog below:

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