We all know that Andi Eigenmann is not only passionate about acting, but also traveling and going on adventures. In this latest “Taralets” trip, the actress traveled all the way to Pili, Camarines Sur!


The second destination after seeing three natural waterfalls is actually getting into the water to try wakeboarding. CamSur Water Sports Complex is the place to go if you want to try wakeboarding, which Andi did in celebration of the travel show’s first anniversary!

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Indeed, nothing beats beginning your day with an action-packed activity, which CamSur is famous for! If wakeboarding is not really your cup of tea, the sports complex also offers a water park, which definitely calls for a lot of fun!


As for Andi, she tried wakeboarding first, which she was initially a bit nervous about. Her first few attempts were not so successful, but she eventually got the hang of it in the end!


You can watch Andi’s CamSur wakeboarding adventure here!


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