Our favorite travel buddy, Andi Eigenmann, is back for yet another adventure exploring the beautiful province of Camarines Sur, which is found in the heart of Bicol.


CamSur is the largest of the 6 provinces in the Bicol Region. The first destination that Andi visited was Consocep Mountain Resort, which is the location of three natural waterfalls.


Andi had to trek to see the waterfalls, and it was a bit easier at first because of the paved pathway. It will take about 30 to 40 minutes to tour all three waterfalls, which is a time well spent considering how beautiful the scenery is.


The first waterfall in Andi’s trekking adventure was Tumaguiti Falls. The next one was Kawa-Kawa Falls, which is much smaller than the previous one. And finally, the third one is called Bulalacao Falls.

You can watch Andi’s CamSur trip here!


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