Andi Eigenmann Cannot Return To Siargao Yet


In a recent vlog, the Happy Islanders shared some sad news with its viewers. Together with daughter Ellie, Andi Eigenmann announced that they most likely would not be able to go back to Siargao any time soon to reunite with partner, Philmar Alipayo.

“We’ve been hoping to get back to the island since a couple months ago, and you know, we’ve been looking forward to finally being with Philmar again, and enjoying our happy island life…”, Andi said in the video.

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Missing papa more and more everyday. I’m grateful that we’re now at a point in our lives where we have become stronger and so much happier, and more sure of eachother. Even more so now that our family is growing. But it’s honestly been more and more of a struggle to be our usual positive selves during this time. Being a part for so long, missing all of the special events in our lives, him not seeing baby 3’s development 1st hand, and him not being around to witness some of Lilo’s milestones. Grand gestures and big celebrations were never our thing. As papa always says, “as long as we’re all together, Im happy na”. Who would’ve thought there would come a time that something seemingly so simple would be so difficult to achieve. I miss you making us laugh so hard like we’ve never laughed before, I miss our fun island adventures, and discovering beautiful places nobody else has ever seen. I miss sharing special and beautiful moments with you. Even beach days spent just staring at the ocean with you by my side. — it’s funny how this was supposed to be a post about missing the island life, but it ended up being about you. Home really is where the heart is.♥️

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Although it must be difficult, the Happy Islanders recognize that we are still in the midst of the pandemic – and travel restrictions must be followed for everyone’s safety.

You have to give it to Andi and her girls for handling the situation really well. Andi shares, “I also like to teach my children the reality that sometimes, things don’t always go our way and it’s normal. It happens. And while it’s okay to be upset or sad sometimes, it also doesn’t hurt to be positive and find a silver lining in everything.”

Andi returned to the city in June to be reunited with her daughter Ellie, who was spending the earlier days of the quarantine with her father, Jake Ejercito.




Making the most of their situation, Ellie and Lilo spends some time under the sun – except instead of at the beach, this time it was at a playground.

Andi also shared some parenting advice, recipes for healthy snacks and a pregnancy update for Baby #3 (We can’t wait!). You can watch the full vlog below:


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