For all the solid fans out there, this seems to be an easy question. Why do we stan Nadine Lustre? Or maybe the more appropriate question is why do we love her? We can go all day to enumerate all the reasons why, but we could try to sum it all up.


1. Have you seen her fashion evolution? Nadine’s sense of style has been just over the top. From street to formal wear, or even just a white T-shirt, she can slay them all. The way she carries herself is also a huge factor.

2. If you are following her on Instagram, you would know how much she loves going to the beach. That means tons of gorgeous bikini photos flaunting her great physique. She was even chosen to collaborate with a global brand for a swimwear collection.

3. She is more than just a triple threat. Aside from being an award-winning actress and all-around performer, the Multimedia Princess is also a director, chief creative designer, and entrepreneur.

4. Her success did not occur overnight. Nadine started going on auditions as early as eight years old. When she got her breakthrough project five years ago, some people say she’s not going to make it. Look at where she is now!

5. Even though she was scared at first because of the mold into which society is pushing her to be, the 26-year old Millennial Multi-Hyphenate eventually showed everyone her true self. She wants to inspire people by being real.

6. Without question, Nadine really exudes confidence. She is the type who is not afraid to go out of her comfort zone and make mistakes along the way. Part of her success is the ability and willingness to take risks.

7. Apart from empowering women and encouraging self-love, Nadine is also an LGBTQ+ ally, environment and mental health advocate. She uses her superstar status to inspire others.

8. With her overflowing success throughout the years, she never fails to give credit to all the supporters who have been by her side through ups and downs. It was never an “I”, but a “we” for her every step of the way.

9. She has so much passion for her craft. The Multimedia Princess makes sure to give her 110 percent in everything she does. No wonder she won four Best Actress trophies and a couple of music awards this year alone.

10. When she opened up about her struggle with depression, Nadine encouraged those who are going through the same thing to keep going and open up to their loved ones. A fan even posted screenshots of their conversation where Nadine told her lots of uplifting words.

11. Her boyfriend, Multimedia Prince James Reid once said to Nadine, “Your energy is a beautiful light in this world… especially in my world.” James recently revealed that she helped him through the darkest time of his life.

12. Lastly, there is simply none like her. Here’s a quote from the birthday girl: “There are so many people in the world, and the only way for people to remember you is for you to stand out. And for you to stand out, you just have to be yourself.”


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