No one can’t deny the fact how Sarah Geronimo’s 2016 hit song ‘Tala’ invaded social media. Dance covers, song covers, and even the #TalaDanceChallenge were attempted by everyone. To mark how much this era made a mark, we round up top ‘Tala’ performances that are just memorable in every way.

1. Sarah G and Anne Curtis in ‘#AnneKulit Promise, Last Na ‘to!’

Asia’s Pop Royalty and Multimedia Superstar shared the stage for an all-out-performance of the song. Anne even included a parody of the song used in a brand commercial as Sarah G sings the original. Anne-kulit indeed!

2. ‘Tala’ Grand Dance Party

For a performance number on a Sunday variety show, Sarah G takes the song in a whole new level as she shares it with various artists and dancers for a grand dance party on ‘Tala Day’

3. Sarah G Performs in ASEAN Japan Music Festival

When Sarah G represented the Philippines for the ASEAN Japan Music Festival, of course, the song has to be performed. The star did that and swept the stage with dance and vocal prowess.

4. Sarah G Performs in ‘Unified’

For their concert collaboration, ‘Unified’ Sarah G included the song in her solo stage. This was also one of the last concerts Sarah G performed live before the pandemic hit.

5. Tala Acoustic Version

A much-relaxed version of the song was performed recently by Sarah for a short virtual concert for a supermarket brand. Fans commended this version of the song as it shows the star’s amazing vocals be it may upbeat or toned down.

6. Sarah performs Tala for the first time!

Of course, no one can beat the very first time it was performed. Back in 2016, Sarah G premieres a live performance of ‘Tala’ in a Sunday variety show.

What’s your favorite ‘Tala’ performance so far?

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