It’s definitely hotter than ever, especially if you are one of the thousands who were lucky to witness the hottest concert party of the year, “THE CR3W LIVE IN CONCERT” last night at the Araneta Coliseum.

James Reid, Billy Crawford, and Sam Concepcion brought the house down with just their opening performance alone, singing and dancing to Justin Timberlake’s “Suit and Tie.”

First up to take the stage for his solo number was the international R&B sensation. After 10 years, Billy was able to make another album called “Work In Progress.”

Included in the album, his first Tagalog track, “Halika Na” was made extra special when his wife, Coleen, gracefully did an aerial dance interpretation of the song.

Sam, on the other hand, soared high with his colorful outfits while grooving to his single, “No Limitations.” He also offered a fresh revival of Sarah Geronimo’s “Ikot-Ikot.”

Being the only one who didn’t have a special someone to bring, Sam had his close friend, Yassi Pressman, to perform Chris Brown’s “Undecided.”

Like all the hot stuff was not enough, the Multimedia Prince came out to rock the Big Dome with his chart-topping songs, “Right There,” “16B,” and “On Top.”

The crowd went wild when Multimedia Princess Nadine Lustre made her way on the stage like a goddess-fairy coming down from above. Together with James, they did a very hot and sexy rendition of their latest track, “Summer.”

Another surprise of the night was when the cast of the upcoming dance musical movie, “Indak,” gave the audience a teaser of what to expect, and they did not fail to leave us wanting for more.

More fun and excitement when Billy, Sam, and James did their throwback songs that the fans surely know like Billy’s version of the “Pokemon” theme song, Sam’s “KungFu Fighting,” and James’ “Natataranta Na”

Just so when you thought the party had already ended after the superb performance of “Filipina Girl,” the trio returned on stage for the finale.

Watch out for more of our THE CR3W exclusives!

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