17 Years After Its Release, Southborder Remakes Rainbow


A beloved OPM and a go-to Karaoke song ‘Rainbow’ by Filipino pop and R&B Southborder is one of 2003’s hit songs. And as if we need more reasons to love it even more the band surprises fans with the remake ‘Rainbow’


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Under Viva Records, the song was released last December 22. According to the caption on its official lyric video on Youtube, the band recreates the song adding a few hints of jazz but still intact the melody we all have loved.

“”Rainbow 2020″ keeps its iconic Pop/R&B melodies intact with hints of Jazz. It’s a brand new sound for the track that both old and new fans of the song will surely love,” the video’s caption said.

It also shared that this is the band’s way of letting people know how they have progressed and changed throughout the years as a band.

“Their sound has evolved throughout the years into what they now describe as progressive pop music amassing audiences who are into a wide range of genres,”

The song now plays for 7 minutes and starts off with jazz tunes before the soothing vocals of the band’s main singer, Jay Durias, steps in.

Listen to ‘Rainbow 2020’ on Youtube now:


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