September promises more fun and entertainment as some of Viva Films’ blockbuster motion pictures arrive on Netflix. You heard it right! There are ten new additions and it will not be long until you get to watch them.

Here are the movies coming on Netflix in September:

Sid & Aya: Not A Love Story (May 2018)

Starring Anne Curtis and Dingdong Dantes, “Sid & Aya: Not A Love Story,” is a romantic drama directed by Irene Emma Villamor. Sid (Dingdong Dantes) is a man who suffers from insomnia. He meets a girl, Aya (Anne Curtis), and hires her to accompany him in his sleepless nights.

100 Tula Para Kay Stella (August 2017)

Directed by Jason Paul Laxamana, “100 Tula Para Kay Stella” is Bella Padilla and JC Santos’ first project together. Fidel (JC) has a speech impediment and loves poetry. He becomes friends and later falls in love with Stella (Bella) despite their different personalities. He writes poems for her, but does not have the courage to read it to her.

Luck At First Sight (May 2017)

Luck At First Sight” tells the story of Joma (Jericho Rosales), who needs money to pay off debts. When he accidentally meets Diane (Bela), Joma notices that she gives him luck whenever they are close to each other. Everything is just doing fine until they discover that their luck will be gone if one of them falls in love with the other.

Camp Sawi (August 2016)

Shot in the beautiful island of Bantayan in Cebu, “Camp Sawi” is a comedy-drama revolving around Gwen (Arci Muñoz), Bridgette (Bela), Jessica (Yassi Pressman), Clarisse (Andi Eigenmann) and Joanne (Kim Molina). Having experienced heartbreaks, the five women enter a boot camp headed by Louie (Sam Milby) in the hopes of being healed.

This Time (May 2016)

Headlined by Multimedia Royalties and real life couple, James Reid and Nadine Lustre, “This Time” is the story of childhood friends Coby (James) and Ava (Nadine), who only see each other every summer. They realize that they are in love with one another, however, they have yet to put a label on it. Ava later on struggles of having an unclear and a long distance relationship with Coby.

Diary ng Panget (April 2014)

Diary ng Panget” is James and Nadine’s breakthrough project, along with Yassi Pressman and Andre Paras. The movie adaptation of the hit Wattpad story is their debut as a love team. Eya (Nadine) works as a personal maid of Cross (James). The two fight like cat and dog before realizing that they are in love with each other.

The Day After Valentine’s (August 2018)

The Day After Valentine’s” is about Kai (JC Santos), a distraught man who meets Lani (Bela Padilla), a strong, confident woman who seems to have answers to all of life’s most difficult questions. Kai realizes that with Lani’s wisdom and “go-get” attitude, he may be able to fix everything in his life.


Bakit Lahat Ng Gwapo May Boyfriend (October 2016)

In “Bakit Lahat Ng Gwapo May Boyfriend” Anne Curtis plays Kylie, a wedding planner, who has had a string of boyfriends who turned out to be gays including Benj (Paolo Ballesteros). Eventually, the two became bestfriends and business partners. When Diego (Dennis Trillo), Benj’s childhood friend, resurfaces and asks them to plan his wedding, Kylie sets out to prove that she’s right again–that Diego, is indeed another closet case.


Mr. and Mrs. Cruz (January 2018)

Mr. and Mrs. Cruz” is the story of Raffy (JC Santos) and Gela (Ryza Cenon) who find themselves taking off for Palawan to escape the not so great realities of their current lives and catch up on their respective me-time. But as fate would have it, they find themselves meeting and enjoying each other’s company. Soon enough, trouble in paradise arises as their views on love, commitment and marriage clash. Will they see it through the end together? Or will the fun and love end as soon as their vacation ends?

Meet Me In St. Gallen ( February 2018)

Meet Me In St. Gallen” , directed by Irene Villamor, tells the story of an aspiring painter (Bela Padilla)  and a frustrated musician (Carlo Aquino) who become instant friends, but decide to end as strangers. They meet again, both very different from what they where before. Will their friendship end again?


Catch these movies on Netflix starting September 23! For more updates on your favorite Viva Artists, click here!



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