The most epic dance movie of the year, “Indak,” has arrived y’all! Have you seen the movie yet? If not, you are definitely missing out!

Starring two of the most talented artists of their generation, Nadine Lustre and Sam Concepcion, “Indak” is about a simple island girl named Jen (Nadine), who loves dancing, but never showed her true talent to anyone. Not until a video of her dancing went viral online and Vin (Sam), leader of Indak Pinas invites her to come to Manila and join them.

INDAK – Trailer 2 [In cinemas August 7]

Sumayaw, umindak, at magpakitang gilas! Indak, Pilipinas!Get ready for the most epic dance movie of the year, INDAK! Starring the total performer, Sam Concepcion and the Multimedia Princess, Nadine Lustre! #IndakTrailer2#IndakTheMovie opens in cinemas August 7!INDAK OST:SUMAYAW SA INDAKby Nadine Lustre, Pio Balbuena & Shehyee Spotify: Music: TAYO PWEDEby Janine TenosoSpotify: Music: Sam ConcepcionSpotify: Music:

Posted by Nadine Lustre on Thursday, August 1, 2019

Here are the 10 reasons why you should watch “Indak!”

1. The voice-over narration of Jen (Nadine) in the film, poetic and moving, gives the audience a more in depth understanding of her character’s thoughts.

2. The cinematography is just superb! From the lighting, framing, camera movement, to the color grading, “Indak” is definitely a visual treat for all the viewers. It makes you want to visit Bantayan Island and South Korea even more.

3. When it comes to the film editing, it is different from most mainstream Filipino movies we are used to seeing. The inserts of scenes from the past and present are really commendable.

4. It veers away from the usual love story plots by highlighting lessons about life, family, self-discovery, and passion. The film will inspire you to conquer your fears and reach for your dreams.

5. “Indak” features an all-OPM official movie soundtrack that perfectly matches with the overall feels and message of the movie. The songs will surely play repeatedly in your mind after watching.

6. G-Force did an excellent job with the choreography. The Indak Pinas Crew is worthy to represent the country even in a real World Dance Championships.

7. Other new names who are part of the cast did not disappoint. Their dancing and acting skills definitely exceeded expectations.

8. The multi-awarded actress, who portrays a Cebuana in the film, previously admitted that she had a hard time learning how to speak Bisaya, but she nailed it!

9. Nadine and Sam’s chemistry on-screen is undeniable and surprising. You could not help but smile and feel “kilig” whenever their characters interact. Their dance scenes will make you agree that “Indak” is indeed the hottest dance musical film of the year.

10. It has been more than two decades since we last had a Pinoy dance movie. “Indak” is extremely refreshing and entertaining. It is brave to take the risk of offering something new for the Filipino audience.

Directed by concert director, Paul Basinillo, “Indak” is now showing in cinemas nationwide! For more exclusive updates, click here!



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