It seems like Anne Curtis and Erwan Heussaff’s daughter, adorable doll Dahlia found a new play area—under their home’s table! Best part? When Erwan is at his WFH setup.


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This week, Erwan has shared Instagram stories of their daughter playing under their table while he is busy at his working.

But what an adorable distraction is Dahlia right?

By the next day, Dahlia did it again.

Erwan, Anne, and Dahlia are currently based in Australia right now. The couple still continues their respective works here in the country via this setup.

Not only she is a copy of her father’s feature but now copying him too! Look at her typing away. Future content creator maybe?

Dahlia recently celebrated her 10th month of life. Of course, the traditional Dahlia photoshoot pushed through!


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Let’s hope to see this happy little family soon!

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